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Hayat Tamircisi 6. Bölüm Fragmanı

Kaza geçiren köpek Bella'nın hazin öyküsü ekrana geliyor. Bella'nın başına gelenleri ailesinden dinliyoruz. Tatlı Bella yürütecine kavuşabilecek mi? Hayvan dostu Hayat Tamircisi ve veteriner Esra bu masum köpeğin yürümesini sağlayabilecek mi?

Hayat Tamircisi pazar 14.30'da Kanal D’de! 


Hayat Tamircisi Episode 6 Trailer is streaming! This week, we are going to listen to the tragic story of Bella, which had an accident, from its family. Will adorable Bella be able to get a walker? Will the Life Mender and the veterinarian Esra be able to make the innocent dog walk?

The stories of Hasan Kizil, as known as Life Mender, who mends the lives of handicapped creatures, reconnects them to life and dedicates himself to be a solution to our little friends’ both mental and physical problems are on Sunday at 2.30 pm on Kanal D!

Hayat Tamircisi returns on Sunday at 2.30 pm on Kanal D!